Atmospherics and Business

Appealing to the senses will always affect the way a person is thinking. More and more businesses have been picking up on sensual strategies, or atmospherics, to create an experience in their stores. When you enter a perfume store, or a modern clothing outlet there is a distinct lighting set-up, and scent in the shop. Marketers use these tactics to facilitate a unique shopping experience. That experience creates memories, and those memories build into a strong customer relationship for the company. That maintains strong business.

When considering what Lucky 20 Pictures could create with atmospherics, we begin with how we want the potential client to feel when they come to†work with us. The customerís product or idea is special to us, so we want to make that person feel special. What makes a person feel more special than a custom, celebrity introduction? Upon entering our studio the client will appear as if they are standing center stage. Appropriate music will play†perhaps a classical underscore, or fast-paced music, depending on the person. The lighting will go to black and a spotlight will illuminate the person. A strong voice will begin the custom introduction, adding weight to the personís job, and ideas, making them feel larger than life. After the introduction, the music will change to a calmer beat, the lighting will come back up, and a representative of Lucky 20 Pictures will appear to greet the person and invite them into the studio.

†The intent of creating this experience is to make the person entering our studio feel unique, and †valued. We also hope they are entertained by our theatrics, and get a feel for what Lucky 20 †Pictures is about, entertaining with genuine creativity. Iím under the impression that any †business can find the right atmospherics for their customers or clients. Making an effort to be †more personal with customers will be a strong feature that carries a company towards success.