Contrasting Neighborhoods and Marketing Strategies

Since Lucky 20 Pictures has moved between two states, we’ve† noticed drastic differences in both locations. The markets are unique in ways you would expect between a neighborhood in Mesa, and a neighborhood in Hollywood. Aside from great SoCal weather, the populations are what make the areas so distinct from each other.



The obvious differences lie in age, and demographics. In Mesa, Arizona, specifically the 85213 area code, most residents are white, middle class people with a small to medium-sized families. In my time in this neighborhood, that would certainly stand true to what Iíve experienced. And over a period of time, that has not drastically altered. The ages are more spread out between all age ranges, where you will see in Hollywood, it is dominated by 21-34 year olds.†Also, that population has a higher level of ethnic diversity in comparison to Mesa.†That ethnic contrast adds a level of cultural complexity that is simply not present in Mesa.†Also, there is a lower presence of a family dynamic in 85213_ageHollywood91601_Age compared to Mesa. The differences in these two neighborhoods require two completely different marketing strategies.


Selling a video in Mesa is much trickier than doing so in the hub of the entertainment industry. Even operating within the vicinity of several of the top studios, the market in Hollywood 91601 is more within the target of Lucky 20 Pictures. The older folks in Mesa arenít necessarily looking to promote an event or shoot a music video than are the younger, millennials who are starting a business. This requires much more planning and direct marketing in Arizona in order to find the right projects. Although the challenge of operating in two markets is challenging, the benefits are always present.