Adapting Brand Image in the Ever-Changing Marketplace

Consumers are told what to think, and what to buy on a daily basis. New products and brands are invented every day, and theyíre all chomping for a bite at someone elseís market share, or looking for a new group of consumers to target. Itís this raging current of promotions and advertising that force every company to stay on their toes. We must constantly adapt to the chaotic nature of capitalism. This is ever present in video production. People are making feature-length movies on their iPhones now! Technology has granted consumers the ability to create video stories on almost no budget. What most people donít have are the skills necessary to efficiently execute and produce a quality video. Itís not hard to tell that new-hire in the creative department to take his phone and go shoot a video for the website. But what he brings back is bound to lack the ideal appeal what consumers expect from a video. Unfortunately, this is too often the case.

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Skills and creativity are what sets Lucky 20 Pictures apart from most in-house production departments. Itís on us to use that creativity to adapt our image, and remain relevant to consumer, and businesses who think they donít need to use a professional production company. One way to tackle this is by consistently releasing new content. A company that can deliver new, exciting content will always stand above the rest. Content is always changing, as new events are carried out in the world, and new experiences are happening every day. We must adapt to whatís popular, day in and day out, and create content that pushes those boundaries. Thatís how Lucky 20 Pictures can develop a strong, adaptable, and consistent brand image.