Finding the Right Camera

Equipment for almost all production companies is one of the most important assets. What equipment we have determines a level of quality possible for our videos. Itís vital that the equipment, in this case the camera, be appropriate for the scope of work we seek out and accomplish. Looking at future options, I have compared three options with an ATO test or Attitude towards Object test. This helps us evaluate each camera and determine which would be the best for us to purchase. The cameras I evaluated were Canonís EOS C500, BlackMagic Designís 4K cinema camera, and REDís Scarlet Mysterium-X. The attributes I figured were most important for Lucky 20 were the censor, or the technology used to capture the image, audio capabilities, ease of workflow after a shoot, the portability of the camera, and of course the price. Hereís the evaluation.

ATO Test




Canon EOS C500 BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Scarlet Mysterium-X

Image censor


8 7 9



9 5 7


8 6 8


Portability 7 7 8



10 5 9


TOTAL 370 248 284 233

Canonblackmagic ††scarlet


BlackMagicís camera provided the highest level of attributes for what we could use on our projects. It can shoot 4K footage directly onto an SSD, and does not require any post-conversion. The camera is lighter than the other two and has the ability to be easily mounted on a number of rigs. The downside is the audio capabilities are limited to two 3.5mm plugs. However, since the importance of this feature is low it does not make a huge impact on the overall quality of the camera. We usually have a separate mixer for audio and would not likely use this option anyway. In order to seamlessly execute a flawless shoot, itís important to have a camera that supports that, with portability, quick and easy workflow, and still provides a sharp image. BlackMagicís Cinema camera does all of this, and for a great price.