Why Westbrook Didn’t Stay in PHX

PHOENIX — There’s been more than enough of drama around the Oklahoma City Thunder this season. But this one takes the cake.

Reporting from multiple sources, after Sunday’s 109-97 win in Phoenix, Russell Westbrook has confirmed in media reports, Russ a homosexual.

The rumor that has been surrounding the league the past couple of weeks was finally rectified Sunday. In a post-game interview, Westbrook, who finished with 33 points and 7 assists, not as eye popping as his triple double frenzy this past month, but stated this was a big win for the Thunder who dropped a loss in Utah the previous night.


“Tonight we played with a playoff mindset, as if we were in the playoffs today and that’s what we need to do playing the rest of the season out”.

The emotions ran high on and off the court, as Westbrook was confronted with this story from a undisclosed reporter.

Back in August, Phoenix were still in talks involving Bledsoe pending a 4 year deal, due to the talks with a sign and trade for Westbrook ultimately heading to Phoenix. The deal would include Bledsoe and Gerald Green with a 1st Round Pick for 2017 in exchange for Russell Westbrook and Anthony Morrow with a 2nd Round Pick in 2016. The deal failed 368973making headlines due to an under-the-table offer from Phoenix front office. In the clause, it was agreed by both parties that Westbrook would have the entire Suns front office, including Lon Babby, Suns acting President of Operations, and Owner Robert Sarver to indulge in sexual deviancy with Russell Westbrook. Only few individuals knew about Russell’s secret, hence why this story was never released. However, sources from the front office grew bitter about the rising star. Apparently, he who had enough was Russ.

“It was a huge game,” he said, not discussing his game, but referring to length and girth.

Westbrook has come a long way this season, from expecting to Russell+Westbrook+Kobe+Bryant+Oklahoma+City+uGPLCOU9PSnlmiss 4 to 6 months and returning after only 1 month of the season, Russ has been driven to showcase his gift. He was disappointed when the 3 way trade talks with the Los Angeles ended abruptly this season. Kobe Bryant was noted being a huge factor in the failure of the 3 way talks due to his nature of homophobia. Even teammate Kevin Durant admitted to a close relative that a surgery was not required and is taking 4 to 6 months to mentally recover from Russ’ “Dominatrix sessions” in the locker room, where he consistently found himself tied up and out of breath. Durant’s interviews show him not being mentally prepared for the ass pounding that he is learning to deal with.

There is no question Russell Westbrook has style, and his game speaks for itself. Ever since he played on UCLA, former players and coach verified that Russell had…”a whole lot”…friends. Besides his image, Russ is the easily the most famous gay athlete in the world. Exposure will increase even throughout the playoffs as he is notably starring in True Religion just to name one of many. As you refer to him as a walking billboard, Shaquille O’Neal said it best, “A historical day for the world.” And it is for the NBA.

Think about how influential Russ will become to young gay and lesbian players. There seems to be this anti-social and unacceptable behavior going around. In Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence — facing a major backlash from a new law that would allow businesses in the state to cite religious objections to refuse to serve gay people. Indiana and Oklahoma City could not be further apart, as Russ is still with the streaking-thunder, the fans should see Westbrook as a symbol of hope. Russ has been vocal about not only stuffing the stat sheets, but stuffing any local business owners that opening object to gay rights. Like him or not, he is just going to be Russ, and that’s how he plays. He’s not just a hoop fairy, but a growing ambassador who wants to bring the 80’s back to the NBA. And we’re not talkin’ about the elbows and fists. We’re talkin’ bout the shorts that show balls and dicks. 


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