Printing Nostalgia

A surefire way to draw a heartfelt connection with an audience is through nostalgia. Everyone has a strong sense of nostalgia, because we all have a past to recollect. Every person has their own unique sense of nostalgia, which can make it tricky to utilize properly in videos or advertising. There are some broad themes that are effective in drawing nostalgia from a larger target audience, but overall, nostalgia is a tough feeling to evoke. This is especially true in print advertising. The ad is one quick image that an audience will very briefly look over. Here are a few examples of print ads that may or may not have been able to grab the audience’s sense of nostalgia.

IMG_6454This ad presents a luxurious atmosphere, with images of a sunset mountain range, a happy, fashionable couple and the high-class game of golf. The body text claims, “The Wait is Over” and continues to explain a new resort experience. These elements combined create a nostalgic feeling for people who may be looking for a new recreation club or have not been to one in a long time. For the target audience, I believe this would be a strong example of generating nostalgic emotions in print advertising.

IMG_6441Another strong example would be this print ad, displaying the new home for the San Francisco 49ers. The feel of the old west, juxtaposed with the brand new stadium allows fans of the team to remember the foundation and background of the sports franchise.


IMG_6452Third, is an ad for a one-day event. Surely this ad would like to draw on nostalgic emotions to urge people to attend DesertFest 2015. The ad displays cover bands from popular 1980s groups, alcohol, food, and scenic views that people may not get to enjoy often. This ad is fairly straightforward in the information is provides, and could be done more strategically to pull for nostalgia. Perhaps this could use some stronger creativity to be properly executed.IMG_6451

Last, an ad for IMG that shows Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton raising his arm in victory. I believe the ad is attempting to get the audience to remember a moment they may have had at an NFL game. The black and white print leads me to think it is a past moment, one that people may fondly remember. If this ad were more focused on capturing a more specific moment, and from a fans perspective, it may be more effective in drawing nostalgia. See my sketch for what that could be.IMG_6456

Since nostalgia is a deep rooted emotion in all of us, it is generally effective in marketing. Using a print medium to portray nostalgia could be difficult to do, however can be powerful and striking if done with the right amount of creativity and focus.